Our Story

Story Time Anyone?



Pure Organics began in the Summer of 2019 with the goal of producing the best organically grown, Full-Spectrum smoking products on the market, but the real story, it starts back in 2016.

We were Grad Students in college looking to be different from most of our friends that smoked those harsh tobacco products that were on the market back then. As athletes at the time we needed our lungs to be top notch as we used CBD to subside pain after pushing our bodies to unfathomable limits. As a joke our CEO says one day, “With all this money we’re spending with this guy we might as well make our own” (Rolling Papers). 

Most of us there that day took it as a joke like most people would, but he was extremely serious, there was a look in his eyes that we’d never seen before. During this time he learned that he would never play in a major sporting event again due to a terrible injury suffered right as his life long dream was about to come true. We all graduated that year and went off into Corporate America to pursue jobs in our field(s) of study, trying to get that American Dream that we’d been fed our entire life.

After about a year or so Brandon calls me, we have a long, in-depth conversation about life and how the jobs we took were literally stripping us of our culture to become robots for the next 40 years. Less than 24hrs later he sent me the logo for Pure with two words; “You Ready”?

From that moment on we’ve dedicated ourselves to this life, learning to grow our own hemp and handcrafting all our Full-Spectrum products fresh from our farms in Phoenix, Arizona.


We pride ourselves on offering superior products at fair prices that are responsibly produced and made with integrity. We will never cut corners in any aspect of our operation; from choosing the right genetic material for growing our crop to harvesting, curing, extracting and manufacturing.

Unlike most Rolling Paper companies, we control the process every step of the way, test our products in-house at every stage and have up to date third-party testing on every product throughly. 

With a variety of products including our Patented Glow Cones, we’re looking to take the industry by storm and spread like butter all over the world.